Power Clothing, Empowering Women

To all the girls out there who feel you are far from from the best, I tell you, take a leaf out of your own growing self and realize You have the power to be a Boss 

The concept of power dressing is a classic style statement which women have  always embraced, one which will never go out of style. Power dressing is subjective to every woman,who has her own annotation of power.Jackie Onassis, famed for her tortoise-shelled glasses and long black gloves, spelled power. So did Audrey Hepburn with her LBD and Bridgette Bardot with her off-shoulders and white sunglasses. All of what they wore will stand timeless. Understanding in-depth about what women value and desire the most in a piece of clothing and matching the desire to market availability was the ultimate trial. We had to find out what they associated power with. Of course there was a space in the market. And that's how Noirde was born.Building Noirde has been a very absorbing journey which we had to patiently sustain and live through one year of research, trial-and-error and development, day by day.We appreciate every feat and challenge that came our way, choosing to break every glass ceiling. The intention was to create éclat power clothing for women in India, by Indian women. We have an all-women workforce who are the backbone of Noirde. Clothes are a way we express ourselves. There certainly are clothes which put you in the right mood and attitude for the right platform.  We aim to empower women with power clothing so that no matter what the Noirde woman wears, she feels powerful.Noirde is certainly the way we spell power. We hope you do too.We create power clothing "For The Boss Lady in You". If you have any suggestions/questions for us, do write to us at

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